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About the Artwork

    The postcard artwork for the 2024 Stagecoach Rally is inspired a view of the Stagecoach Trails Resort from the mountains that surrounds Shelter Valley. Shelter Valley is considered a community of Julian. Located along the Great Southern Overland Stage Route of 1849 just two miles south of Scissors Crossings, Shelter Valley lies within the boundaries… Read More »About the Artwork

    Stagecoach Trails

    STAGECOACH Rally -Camplife

      Location, location, location! One of the biggest surprises to attendees of the Inaugural STAGECOACH Classic Motorcycle Rally was the beautiful location. While technically in the town limits of Julian, the rally takes place on the east side of the mountain village of Shelter Valley. Now known as County Highway S-2, this desert road began its’… Read More »STAGECOACH Rally -Camplife

      The Ton-Up Cup

        The History Café racers are the original sport motorcycles. They originated among British motorcycle enthusiasts of the 1950s in London. Café racers were standard production bikes modified by their owners and optimized for speed and handling for quick rides over short distances. Piloting some of these motorbikes were the Ton-Up Boys. Ton-Up Boys were a… Read More »The Ton-Up Cup